SecureLive, the best defense for your CMS

In my job, I have seen a ton of hacking attempts and exploits targeting servers and websites. Most often, when someone is hacked it is because some part of their website has allowed for an injection into the code, or a remote file include (Yes, there are other methods, but these are by far the…

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First Script Revision – Death To Httpd Flooders

So I started with the most widely used script that I have written, my phpDDoS reject scripts.  This single script has taken the place of the 3 scripts prior. Simply wget the file into the directory that you want to have it run from, make it executable.  From there you can create a cron job…

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Learning Perl… Its not as complicated as I once thought.

So I started learning Perl scripting, as it has now become a tool that can greatly improve my efficiency at work. After toying with it a bit, I have decided that I am going to rewrite some of my other scripts in perl, and post them here, as perl tends to be more uniform. I…

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Death to Http Flooders…

So, for those of you that don’t know, I work for a hosting company. I enjoy what I do, and for all intents and purposes, I do a pretty good job at it. Recently, one of the sites we host, was getting hammered, hardcore.

To save on a very long, long, long winded story of how we battled these flooders, I am going to list what we did to get things working well again.

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