Life of an Entrepreneur

My day starts between 5 and 6 AM every morning.

The first thing I do is check my phone.

“Did I miss any urgent alerts last night?”
‘Do I have any new sales?”
“Are there any support tickets that need to be worked on?”

I get out of bed, and head to my craft.

I sit in front of my computer, to start the day.
I respond to emails, read news articles that are important to my field and start working on projects.
I write down ideas to help stay relevant in the changing market.
I brainstorm, plan, and test concepts.

I have to remind myself to take time out to do things like eat, workout and just look away from the screen.

I meet with people to bounce ideas and network.
I schedule timelines and projects.
I meet with clients and prospective clients.
I advertise.

My day typically doesn’t end until 10:30 – 11 PM, but sometimes as late as 2 – 3am.

There are night where I wake up.

Sometimes it’s a great idea, that I need to jot down, other times it’s “Am I going to make it?”

I can’t let fear or doubt enter my mind.

I’m chasing my dreams, sacrificing sleep while doing it.

It’s a full time job, and then some, but I wouldn’t want it to change.

Bullying & Harassment in Online Gaming

<!–WARNING–!>Strong and Offensive Language used in this post<!–WARNING–!>

Due to recent events in a game Corey and I play online, I thought it would be interesting to write about Bullying and Harassment Online.  When most people think of bullying, they think of a kid on a play ground or at school being picked on by their peers.  But Online, a person, of any age can be subject to abuse and harassment by someone of any age.  It is made even easier by the inclusion of voice chat for many games. Continue reading

Southern California Summer 2016 is here

It is official.  SoCal Summer is here.  We started yesterday with 96 Degree High, and 103 Degrees today, with the lows around 66.

I love SoCal because of how warm it is year round, but in the summer months, I wish it would be more temperate.  If this year is to be anything like the last several year, We will have roughly 3 to 4 months of no or very little rain and with temperatures 85+ degrees.  Prime beach and pool weather, but also prime forest fire weather, and for what ever reason, the smog is worse in the summer.

That being said, Corey and I have two vacations planned for this summer.  The first is coming up in a couple weeks, and we will be in Myrtle Beach, at his family’s beach house.  We went last year and had a really great time so I am looking forward to doing it again.  This year we have the added bonus of his aunt, uncle and cousins coming out as well.  I am really looking forward to that warm ocean water.  (For those that don’t know, Pacific Ocean is cold even in the summer.  It is also gross. It is always gross.)

Our second trip is going to be in July, heading to Los Vegas.  This is some thing Corey and I have been talking about doing for the 3 years that we have been together, but due to his school and work and my work schedules it never made sense to go.  What started as a plan to see my sister and her wife, has morphed into a “just get away” week in Vegas.  Not too sure what we will be doing, but I am sure it will be fun, and I think we will be meeting up with one of my friends from

I almost didn’t get this up in time, but I made myself stop what I was doing, and post this article, because I don’t want to fail my challenge, especially this early into the month.



Problems with Hosting Sales and SEs

In my professional life, I do a lot of research on behalf of clients.  Sometimes, this involves me contacting service providers and getting quotes and then comparing pros and cons of all the options.

Most of the time, it’s a fairly straight forward process.  I send them a list of requirements, specs and questions, then I get back a quote with a document detailing answers to the questions.  If the list needs clarification or the vendor has questions for me before the quote, I get on a call with a sales person/sales engineer, and I explain further what I am looking for.  Then a couple hours later, I get a quote and I proceed on to the next step.

Continue reading